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Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore collaborate for a third time in another ‘terrific’ Happy Madison production. Baked from the same dough as The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates, Blended is another hilarious trip into a lesson of morality dished up by ‘normal’ people.

Jim (Sandler), a widower father to his three young daughters finds himself on a blind date with Lauren (Barrymore), a divorced mother to her two young sons, at Hooters, America’s favourite restaurant. Jim ends the date early, which isn’t going well, by answering a prearranged phone call to attend a fake emergency at home. The two gladly part ways.

Fortunate circumstances see both families meet up in Africa when they take advantage of a cheap holiday sold to Jim and Lauren separately by a mutual acquaintance, Jim’s boss Dick. Unbeknown of the arrangement, the two families immerse themselves into the situation which proves to be an amazing, enlightening, and at times, hysterical experience, especially when the band jumps in to add theme to the moment.

Sandler calls upon some of his usual Happy Madison regulars to feature in this one too; Shaquille O’Neal (Jack & Jill, Grown Ups 2 & The House Bunny) as Jim’s work buddy, Doug; Terry Crews (The Benchwarmers, The Longest Yard and Click) as Nickens, the awesome and super energetic lead singer in the African band, Tattoo; Kevin Nealon (Grandma’s Boy, Happy Gilmore, The Wedding Singer, Little Nicky, Joe Dirt and Bucky Larson: Born to be a Star) as the oversexed holiday companion Eddy; Allen Covert (50 First Dates) as 10-second Tom; Alexis Arquette (George in The Wedding Singer) as Georgina; and of course, Jonathan Loughran (pretty much every movie Adam Sandler has made) as ‘the cock eyed guy’.

If you don’t like Happy Madison Productions, don’t watch this movie. Those of us who do, this one is another sensational addition to the Adam Sandler section of your movie library. Make sure to watch the closing credits to see the off set antics of the cast and the usual piece of magic, sung by the man himself, Adam Sandler.

The Movie Lad rates this: A couple of cheese sticks, a serve of buffalo shrimp with hot sauce immediately followed by a small bowl of French onion soup. Oh, and of course, an almond magnum.

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