Click on the image to see the trailer
Click on the image to see the trailer


Number 7 is a sensational episode in the epic Fast franchise. The production team lifts the bar to an even higher level pulling out some CRAZY stunts and unbelievably outrageous fight scenes. That’s what these movies are all about, capturing our attention in the first scene, and blowing our minds every minute of the roller coaster ride.

This is the fastest yet.

Paul Walker’s death half-way through the making of Fast 7 did not impede the production team in giving us exactly what we expect. It was obvious however in certain scenes that they had used Paul’s brother as a body double. The special effects to make him look like Paul, weren’t quite right. It was also very evident in the closing scenes when the ‘family’ were on the beach together. Cleverly shooting the scenes so as not to show Brian’s face while he and Mia played with their son, was not enough to disguise the fact they had replaced Paul with his brother. But, it was okay, and it worked nicely to pay homage to the young superstar.

The Furious franchise is travelling fast to becoming the largest movie collection ever made that have used the same cast for each instalment. When Fast 8 is released in 2017, they will equal the count of Harry Potter, and X-Men (Apocalypse due for release in 2016). It is rumoured to be the final episode, but we’ll see.

The Movie Lad rates Fast 7: Four out of a possible Five really cheesy lines from The Rock.

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