Click to see the trailer
Click to see the trailer

IRRATIONAL MAN opens in cinemas August 20
Directed by Woody Allen, starring Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone and Parker Posey, Irrational Man is a wry, energetic comedy following a brilliant but tormented philosophy professor in existential crisis.

Abe (Joaquin Phoenix) arrives at the small picturesque Braylin College in Rhode Island feeling that his life is meaningless. His reputation precedes him. Tales have been buzzing around campus of the notorious Abe Lucas; a charismatic, radical romantic prone to bleak depressions. He quickly draws the attention of Rita Richards (Parker Posey), a lonely professor who fantasises that Abe will rescue her from her unhappy marriage. Meanwhile, Abe attracts another admirer in Jill Pollard (Emma Stone), a bright young student who finds his tortured artistic personality irresistible. Though he rebuffs her romantic advances, Abe and Jill become friends. Pure chance changes everything when Abe overhears a stranger’s tale of woe at a local diner. Abe sees his opportunity to perform what he believes is a moral act and suddenly his life has purpose. He is reinvigorated, open to the affections of Rita and his blossoming romance with Jill. But as Jill begins to uncover the true cause of Abe’s newfound happiness, his perfect plan begins to unravel.

Showcasing terrific comedic performances from the lead cast and Woody Allen’s trademark wit, Irrational Man is a playful musing on the fallibility of reason in the face of reality.

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