The Force Awakens – Trailer


Click the image to see the trailer


If pre-sales of tickets to the new Star Wars film due out next month is any indication, then The Force Awakens is all set to be the highest grossing film in history.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the film has already sold $US50 million in advance ticket sales – an all-time record.

When pre-sale tickets went on sale in Australia in October some 30,000 tickets were sold on the first day alone. It has been reported that the film’s star Harrison Ford will also come Down Under for a promotional visit in December.

The JJ Abrams-directed film is expected to break box-office records in the US, but how it fairs in the end will depend on how it does internationally. When it comes to raking in the cash, 2009′s Avatar still remains the flick to beat, having banked a whopping $US2.8 billion in ticket sales.

The Force Awakens opens worldwide on December 18th.


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