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Did I tell you how much I love Marvel movies? I might have mentioned it once or twice. I LOVE THEM! I must admit, I didn’t know much about Doctor Strange before seeing the movie. I like his style, and rate him highly on my ‘he’s cool’ Marvel character list.

Doctor Stephen Strange is a rich, arrogant, and successful neurosurgeon, until he is seriously injured in a car accident, and can no longer work. He becomes obsessed in fixing himself through experimental surgery, which eventually sends him broke. Adamant to satisfy his seemingly foolish endeavour, he seeks out an ex-patient who directs him to Kamar-Taj, in Kathmandu, Nepal. It is there that Doctor Strange learns the wonderful and mystical ways of the Ancient One.

I like how Doctor Strange develops his amazing abilities himself by enhancing his supreme intelligence through study. It illustrates the old saying that anything is possible, if you just simply put your mind to it. It helps if you are really smart to start with though. I also like that his real name is Doctor Strange and not a made-up superhero name. I tried to imagine someone else playing the role of Doctor Strange, but I couldn’t think of a better candidate than
Benedict Cumberbatch (Black Mass, The Imitation Game, The Fifth Estate). He plays the arrogant nerd perfectly, and exudes enough awkward confidence to convince the die hard fans, that he is indeed the right choice.

If you like DOCTOR STRANGE, you might also like: Any other Marvel movie, The Golden Compass (2007), The Last Airbender (2010), All of the Harry Potter movies.

The Movie Lad rates this: Four out of a possible five actors called Benedict.

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