ALIEN: COVENANT mini review (with spoilers)

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I love the ALIEN franchise! I was brought up on it. The first two movies (ALIEN (1979) and ALIENS (1986)), are my favourites, and seem to be hard to top. Another addendum from Ridley Scott, ALIEN: Covenant is entertaining, and a good addition to the franchise, but like Prometheus, lacked in ALIEN presence.

Thankfully, this big budget, and highly anticipated 6th episode in the epic futuristic saga, has all of the basic ALIEN ingredients: several unsuspecting, unfortunate humans being impregnated with ALIEN embryos; a bumbling, insecure member of the team that you know is going to be impregnated soon; a guy that gets burnt by the ALIEN’s acidic blood; an amazing, tough as nails female heroin, that saves the day; and a robot that prefers to be called a synthetic.

In true ALIEN style, this second prequel in the timeline jumps straight into the action, and got me on the edge of my seat immediately. Set 10 years after Prometheus, it gives us another piece of the puzzle as we move closer to 2122, the year that the original ALIEN was set.

And of course, in true ALIEN fashion, it ends in the same way that all of the others do, the ALIEN always wins.   

The Movie Lad rates this: 4 out of possible 5 robots called David

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